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Video Poker 52 is a classic casino game.
eyeone free online game
eyeone free online game
VIDEOPOKER 52 uses a 52-card deck. To play the Video Poker 52 machine, simply enter your name and click the mouse button or press the "Enter" key on your keyboard. Click the bet button to bet or increase your bet, and click DEAL button to deal the cards. After five cards are dealt you can click on any or all of the cards you want to discard. After you have selected the cards you would like to discard, click on DEAL button again to draw more cards. After every winning hand, you are "paid out" based on the rank of the resulting poker hand multiplied by the current bet.

Video Poker 52

1 -
mario1973: 5750
2 -
plug: 5500
3 -
TATUM76: 5350
4 -
fabel: 5200
5 -
luke2k: 4340
6 -
KILLER: 3850
7 -
tuscan: 3600
8 -
sotare: 3550
9 -
kihl: 3355
10 -
schobben: 3250
11 -
chaim: 3250
12 -
acinna: 3200
13 -
Trym: 3150
14 -
15 -
Anselm: 3130
16 -
Sedo: 3120
17 -
mani: 3050
18 -
mokalisa: 3015
19 -
Tila: 2950
20 -
thorehyggen: 2900
21 -
Shadel: 2750
22 -
EnMcG: 2550
23 -
ckone: 2500
24 -
Sarich: 2450
25 -
audigt5s: 2400
26 -
ejuk7: 2400
27 -
jorgenpi: 2375
28 -
bettie82: 2350
29 -
ElskerDag: 2300
30 -
meialua: 2295
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Value * bet _Description
One pair with three distinct cards.
2 Pair
Two distinct pairs of card.
3 of a Kind
Three cards of any rank with the remaining cards not being a pair.
Five cards in rank order, but not of the same suit.
A flush is a hand where all of the cards are the same suit.
Full House
A full house is a three of a kind and a pair.
4 of a Kind
Four cards of the same rank.
Straight Flush
Five cards in rank order, where all of the cards are the same suit.
Royal Flush
The highest ranking hand possible. All five cards are in both sequence and common suit.
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