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Vintage pinball is expected to be a very popular game. The game includes 3 play modes, single, local dual, and Internet. In the Internet mode, players hang out in the chat room, challenge each other and play to get ranked and win prizes.
eyeone free online game
eyeone free online game

Starting the game
One to four players can play. The default keys for playing are:
TAB for left flipper
BACKSPACE for right flipper
SPACE push pinball forward
RETURN launch ball

To start a new game, select the "PLAY" option from the main menu. ENTERING PLAYER NAMES: For each of the players that want to play, enter their names in the dedicated boxes. The only field that must be filled in, is the players name.

NOTE: Some versions of Eye One Pinball prompts the user to provide extensive information like real name and address. Enter this information ONLY if you want to participate in a contest and win prizes.

Game objectives
Spell A-B-C via the top rollovers in order to advance the bonus multipliers. Possible values are 2X, 4X, 6X, and 8X. The A-B-C lights are switched in conjunction with the left and right flipper. Lock balls and activate multiball play. To enable ball locks, light all 3 mini loops. Lock the balls by hitting the black holes. Start multiball by hitting the flashing gate. A quick multiball can be achieved by hitting the target gate twice in a row. Hit drop targets to advance toward bonuses, extra ball, and special. Each target has a red/green light in front of it to indicate if it is available (off), or collected (on). Each set of targets is used to light Bonus, Extra ball and Special. Hit the centre targets to advance toward Extra Ball, and random prizes. Shooting several times will enable you to get bonuses, extra ball, special, and random prizes.

Go for the Extra Ball! It is easiest to complete the drop target banks on the upper playfield to light the first Extra Ball (upper playfield). Drop targets can be completed much faster during Multiball. During Multiball, focus your concentration on the playfield level that has the most balls on it. That is, if more balls (2 or more) are in play on the upper playfield, focus your attention on the flippers there. Or if more balls are on the lower playfield, focus your attention there. The playfield with more balls on it will be the source of more scored points during Multiball. To get bigger scores, focus on locking balls for Multiball play, and on personal strategies and skills for keeping balls in play longer...
And don't forget: use the push function! Good players can play forever if they know how. :)


Vintage pinball

1 -
Feras6565: 9492970
2 -
almostelway: 8483130
3 -
thethirdbane: 8424930
4 -
duche: 8175245
5 -
romain: 6959451
6 -
Mysteria: 6714411
7 -
filips: 752550
8 -
MarcellusW: 387875
9 -
flash: 257065
10 -
ExtremeG: 233890
11 -
criss2112: 167165
12 -
djwitzel: 137840
13 -
duhwon: 136735
14 -
speedbeud: 134645
15 -
Jokke: 132890
16 -
BloodyFx: 125165
17 -
smokincheech70: 123980
18 -
Exalted1: 117635
19 -
AylaBeauty: 105980
20 -
CRBz: 100765
21 -
margaret: 85160
22 -
wiggleinbed: 83895
23 -
mani: 78640
24 -
a2line: 76555
25 -
imme6725: 76400
26 -
mrtazzy: 53410
27 -
jberman22: 53375
28 -
kmauls: 47390
29 -
runekr: 47070
30 -
whitenite8123: 43970
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