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In Intergalactic Invaders, the mad professor Jocaba has for many years been researching the science of combining organics and robotics. In a final experiment he managed to transplant his brain into a huge rocket driven spaceship looking like a huge face. Mr. Face, as he calls himself now, has continued to turn ever more residents of the planet Xmph into robots under his control. The whole planet is now under threat from his armies. Your help is desperately needed.
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eyeone free online game

In Intergalactic Invaders you can get powerups by shooting the purple bonus ships that fly across the screen. This is what you can get: Laser a powerful weapon that instantly kills all aliens in it's way. Flash bomb will move slowly upwards until it hits an alien and will kill any alien within its radius. Your ship will move faster, but the effect will wear off after a while. Shoot speed: Your gun will shoot faster, but the effect will wear off after a while. Shields: A shield that protects you from alien weapons. Extra life: If you already got all the powerups, you will get a 2000 points instead. In addition to the standard weapon, all the aliens have got their own special weapon:

- has got a green flame thrower

- has got a green laser

- has got a freeze bomb that will freeze youre ship if you get to close to the explosion. Is deadly if the ship is hit directly.

- has got a red laser.

The game tests the speed of your computer at the end of the loading. The size of the game window will depend on this test. The window might be very small if you've got a slow computer or a browser without a jit compiler.

Default controls:
move left - left arrow
move right - right arrow
fire - space
laser - ctrl
flash bomb - alt
pause - p
main menu - escape

You can customize the controls in the menu.


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bill: 4230
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Benokafor: 4180
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Smokey29810: 4150
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