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Chess is both a challenging and entertaining mental exercise. Eye One's online chess game lets you view the game in the standard top-down view of the board, but it also features a 3D view of the game, where you can view the chess board from any angle. It is also an online game, so you can play opponents online as well as the computer.
eyeone free online game
eyeone free online game

How to play


Main menu

- choose the type of opponent you want to challenge

Online match: You play a human opponent over the Internet. A chat before the game is possible.

Local 2-player: Human against human on the same computer. Or you can sit down with the latest championship game from the newspaper, and play it out move by move.

Vs computer: You against GNUChess from Free Software Federation. This chess engine is able to play a good game of chess. The computer has a maximum time limit of 1 second per move, though, while you can ponder as long as you wish. So it should be possible to beat it - or?

The Lobby

Find an opponent: In the lobby room you meet other people wishing to play a game of chess. Get to know them through the chat at the bottom of the screen, or sit down at a table and wait for an opponent to join you.

Board: Every button in the lobby represents a chess board. The first sitting down by a board choose which color to play, how long the game will last and a few other things.

You can sit down at a board with 1 or 2 unoccupied seats by clicking the table.

When two players sit by a board, that board is occupied, and no more people can sit down by it.

Game options: The first player sitting down by a board decides wether it should be played with a clock, how much time each player has available (if a clock is used), which color each player plays, and wether the result should affect the ratings of the players.

The player finishes the options by clicking OK. When two players are sitting by the table, and the game options are finished, the game starts.

The game window ( general )

2D or 3D: You switch between viewing the board in 2D or 3D by clicking the button in the upper left corner of the screen.
3D board: You move a piece by clicking on it and dragging it where you want it. You must hold the left mousebutton down while you drag. A small box on the board shows wich square you have presently dragged the piece to. The piece will move to the square you are pointing on when you release the mouse button.

Castling is done by moving the king two squares to the left or the right. The rook will move automatically.

Change viewing angle : The buttons View 1 to View 5 will rotate the board in 5 predifined angles. Try them out. The game starts up in View 1.
Custom adjustment of the view: If you are not happy with the predefined views, you can adjust the viewing angle by clicking the buttons below the board at the right.

From left to right they enable you to do the following:
- Move the board up or down.
- Rotate the board up or down (around the x-axis).
- Zoom in or out.
- Move the board to the right or the left
- Rotate the board to the right or the left (around the y-axis)

2D board: Some players prefer the tidyness given by seeing the board in flat 2D.

As in 3D you move a piece by dragging it to the square where you want to move it. You have to hold the left mouse button while you drag the piece. The piece moves to the square you point on when you release the mouse button.

Castling is done by moving the king two squares left or right, just like in the 3D board. The rook will move automatically.

Precious silence: Click the Sound Off button to switch off sound. The button is transformed into a Sound On button, that you can use to switch the sound back on.
Status line: The status line gives information about the last move and other important events in the game.
History: In the history you find all the moves in the game recorded.
Leave Game: This button brings you back to the lobby. If you use it during an ongoing game, the history will show you resigned, and your opponent wins.

Only relating to online games

You and me...: The name above the face is your opponent. The name below the face is you. Keep an eye one the faces. They may change expression with events in the game.
Offer Draw: If it is becoming clear that this game will not have a winner - you can offer your opponent a draw. If your opponent accepts, the game is ended with draw recorded in the history.

In a rated game the database is informed that you played a draw.

Resign: When you realise you are about to lose the game, the Resign button will shorten your suffering. In the history it will be recorded that you resigned, and the victory is awarded your opponent.
Important Message: When the box around the faces turns red, you have received an importand game message. It may be an offer for draw, a message that your opponent resigns, or a question asking which piece you want to switch to when one of your pawns has reached the home row of your opponent.

The message pops up above the faces. Reply buttons show up below.

Camembert: The cheese shows how much of the players' time has passed. The number below shows the time left in minutes and seconds. A yellow box and the text Moving signifies that this player is moving next.

The clock above the faces belong to your opponent, the one below is yours.

Chat: In the bottom right corner you find a small chat window where you can send messages to your opponent. Write the message in the small field at the bottom, and press ENTER or RETURN to send them.

For 2-player local only

Flip: Switches between having you see the board as black or white.
Undo: Undo the last move. The piece is moved back, and you can do a different move. If the computer was the last mover, the two latest moves are undone.

For vs Computer games only

It doesn't matter if you're black or white : The 'White is human/computer' and 'Black is human/computer' buttons are used to decide wether the computer plays black or white. The computer can only play one side at a time, while 2 humans are allowed to play each other.

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