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Burning Metal - Executive Edition is a spiced up version of the classic. The pseudo-3D top-down view, with the superb graphics and gameplay will keep you and your opponents playing for a long time. The game features a singleplayer, local dual player, and multiplayer option with opponents on the Internet. Pickups are not rare, and they will keep you on your toes, trying to dodge missiles from your opponents, in the race for the checkered flag.
eyeone free online game
eyeone free online game

Quitgame: Escape
Resize screen: F5

Player 1
Accelerate and turn the car: arrowkeys
Nitro: n
Next weapon: m
Fire: space

Accelerate and turn the car: w, s, a, d
Nitro: q
Next weapon: 1
Fire: tab Score

You get score by
- Hitting the opponents with a weapon
- Driving through a checkpoint
- Pickup up powerups

You get a bonusscore at the end of each race based on
- The amount of shield left
- Number of times you have fragged your opponents.
- Which position you ended up with (1st = 4000, 2nd = 2000, 3rd = 1000, 4th = 250)
NB! If you kill yourself, you will lower your bonus. So be careful.

The Main menu

You race against three opponents. They are easily beaten at the beginning, but they will drive better and be a lot more aggressive as you progress. You have to race to 1st position in order to continue, otherwise you loose a credit. If you are good enough, you may enter your nick in the hi-scorelist.

Local Dual
Race against a friend on the same computer.

Race with other people over the Internet. Choose your nickname when you log in. You may then either create a new game or join an existing one.

Shows the hi-scoretable for the 'Single' race mode.

You may change some settings like control keys etc.


Burning metal executive edition

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