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Blocks is extremely addictive. The goal is to manoeuvre the falling blocks to completely fill the rows. You can move and rotate each block to fit it wherever you'd like, but as the game progresses the speed gets faster, and the game gets even more challenging. A lot of players are playing blocks just because they want their name on the highscore, and trying to get your name higher up on the highscore just gets just more and more challenging. Match up with your friends and see who gets the highest score Eye One's blocks is a 1-player game, and does not take long to load and play. Getting into the game is very easy in this classic.
eyeone free online game
eyeone free online game
Keys to use:
Left arrow: move block to left Right arrow: move block to right
Up arrow: rotate block
Down arrow: let the block fall faster
Space: drop block
p: pauses the game
Strategy: The game shows you a small image of the next block. You can think ahead and plan where that block may be placed. If you are seeking a highscore (who isn't?), try to remove several rows at once. That will give you higher scores. And of course, practice. Help: If the game does not respond to keypresses, try clicking on it with the mouse and try again.

241 -
bellaware: 182200
242 -
tetris: 180150
243 -
bentobgui: 178870
244 -
yannos76: 175620
245 -
rotty: 175100
246 -
ExtremeG: 173890
247 -
amarhteley123: 173280
248 -
alman316: 172930
249 -
georgea02: 169170
250 -
whatever: 168680
251 -
Cynthiababy22: 167860
252 -
Cynbaby22: 167340
253 -
plug: 167180
254 -
Carlsberg001: 166450
255 -
Papy78: 166390
256 -
truls: 163910
257 -
kaoriyama: 162750
258 -
wenche: 161880
259 -
starvingartistdt: 157180
260 -
ckone: 156950
261 -
hugolizer: 155330
262 -
chris: 154900
263 -
nils: 152900
264 -
Fisk: 152100
265 -
data77777: 148740
266 -
JustDeb: 147820
267 -
Steven60555: 146860
268 -
pokerfull: 146290
269 -
ElskerDag: 143170
270 -
wilbersSexyWhore213: 142530
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